Mobile Application:impulse by Betsy Mei-Chun Lin

Betsy Mei-Chun Lin Presents The Impulse Mobile Application

Betsy Mei-Chun Lin, the designer of the displayed project Impulse by Betsy Mei-Chun Lin spells out, Impulse is a mobile app that helps you explore places to go and activities to do spontaneously based on your emotions. While you are on the road, in <Cropped>

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Indigo Design Award

Indigo Design Award 2020 Is Open For Submissions. Indigo Design Award Is Open to Conceptual and Completed Designs That Are Five Years Old or Less. We Are Looking For Exceptional Work From Anywhere Around The Globe. Whether You Are a Student, Professional

Indigo design award 2020 is open for submissions. indigo design award is open to conceptual and completed designs that are five years old or less. we are looking for exceptional work from anywhere around the globe. whether you are a student, professi <Cropped>

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Award Winning Alliance Against Aids Diamond Pendant

Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi Creates The Alliance Against Aids Diamond Pendant

Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi, the project leader of the awarded design Diamond Pendant by Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi says, This is not just a jewelry piece but a Messenger and symbol of the unit. Created as a campaign to prevent the disease and sympathize <Cropped>

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Indirect Led Lighting:compose Cove by I2systems by I2systems

I2systems Portrays The Compose Cove by I2systems Indirect Led Lighting

i2Systems, the project leader of the displayed work Compose Cove by i2Systems by i2Systems explains, We began with a concept that designers want light fixtures to disappear in space. The fixture is not meant to be a statement piece. Compose fills the <Cropped>

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Office:village Foods by Atsushi Kawaguchi

Atsushi Kawaguchi Reveals The Village Foods Office

Atsushi Kawaguchi, the creative mind behind the awarded project Village Foods by Atsushi Kawaguchi points out, What kind of design is to make people who saw this company recognize that this company is doing absolutely fun? When he started designing l <Cropped>

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Barnana X Starbucks Exclusive-Packaging-Snacks by Nik Ingersoll

Nik Ingersoll Shares The Barnana X Starbucks Exclusive Packaging-Snacks

Nik Ingersoll, the architect of the highlighted project Packaging - Snacks:Barnana x Starbucks Exclusive by Nik Ingersoll explicates, This package was designed by Barnana in the premium coffee retail channel. The packaging uses foil gold throughout. <Cropped>

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Terroir Manor by Chieh Ming Su and Wen Chih Hsu

Chieh Ming Su and Wen Chih Hsu Creates The Terroir Manor Architecture

Chieh Ming Su and Wen Chih Hsu, the creator of the displayed work Architecture by Chieh Ming Su and Wen Chih Hsu illustrates, The rule defining the architectural styles for each building in the Terroir manor is that under no circumstances other than <Cropped>

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Office by Taiju Yamashita & Saeko Takahashi

Taiju Yamashita & Saeko Takahashi Designs The Draft Tokyo Office

Taiju Yamashita & Saeko Takahashi, the designer of the highlighted project Office:Draft Tokyo by Taiju Yamashita & Saeko Takahashi explains, This office space was designed to encourage effective communication and collaboration among workers b <Cropped>

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Residence:interpretation of New Asian Styling by Han-Chung Liu and Ling-Fong Ko

Han-Chung Liu and Ling-Fong Ko Spotlights The Interpretation of New Asian Styling Residence

Han-Chung Liu and Ling-Fong Ko, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Han-Chung Liu and Ling-Fong Ko's Interpretation of New Asian Styling Residence explains, For the clients who are the enthusiast of culture, travel and all types of art c <Cropped>

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Flowing Curve by Yun Du

Yun Du Portrays The Flowing Curve Complex Building

Yun Du, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Flowing Curve by Yun Du points out, The area is divided by the test line and the wheelhouse, and the complex is placed on the west side of it. The west land is more effective, so the high-rise com <Cropped>

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